Japan Daily News - 2023-04-07


Welcome to the Japan Daily News for April 7th, 2023. Let’s start with the news that a helicopter belonging to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force disappeared from radar while in flight. Parts of the aircraft, including window frames and rotor blades, have been found, but the purpose of the flight and the cause of the accident are still unknown. We spoke with a former JGSDF officer who is knowledgeable about helicopter operations to learn more.

Moving on, the city of Minami-Alps in Yamanashi Prefecture has introduced a subsidy program of up to 100,000 yen to support content creators, or “influencers,” who come to the city to film and promote its attractions.

In other news, the use of a symbol-based voting system in which voters mark a circle next to a printed candidate’s name instead of writing it themselves will be implemented in some local elections, including the governor’s races in Shimane and Oita Prefectures. However, some people with disabilities are calling for wider adoption of the system to make voting more accessible.

Next, a survey conducted by a private research institution found that while 90% of respondents said they wanted to prepare for end-of-life matters such as medical care and funerals, more than 30% of those over 80 years old said they felt it could wait a bit longer.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by an NPO found that in more than half of the municipalities surveyed, teachers and staff had less than four days to prepare for the start of the new school year, despite many feeling that they needed at least five days.

In international news, the Japanese Defense Ministry announced that a Chinese navy frigate and an intelligence-gathering vessel had passed through waters between Yonaguni Island and Taiwan, as well as between Okinawa Island and Miyako Island.

Also, the police in Cambodia have obtained arrest warrants for 19 Japanese nationals suspected of carrying out phone scams from their base in the country. The suspects will be brought back to Japan for questioning and possible prosecution.

Finally, a chicken farm in Chitose, Hokkaido, has tested positive for avian influenza in a preliminary examination. Further testing is being conducted to determine if the virus is of the highly pathogenic variety, in which case the chickens will be culled immediately.

That’s all for today’s Japan Daily News. Stay safe and see you tomorrow.