Japan Daily News - 2023-04-08


Welcome to Japan Daily News for April 8th, 2023. Let’s start with the ongoing search for the 10 people who were on board a helicopter that went missing off the coast of Miyako Island in Okinawa. The Japan Self-Defense Forces and the coast guard are continuing their search efforts.

Moving on, residents in eastern Japan and Tohoku are being advised to be cautious due to unstable atmospheric conditions that are expected to bring thunderstorms, strong winds, and heavy rain.

In other news, there has been an increase in cases of “monkeypox” infection in Japan this year. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is urging anyone with symptoms such as rashes to consult a medical institution.

The G7 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting, which will take place this month in Hiroshima, will focus on investing in people and supporting reskilling to adapt to changes such as digitalization.

Regarding the helicopter accident, it has been revealed that there was no abnormal communication from the crew before it disappeared from radar. The Self-Defense Forces are investigating the possibility of a malfunction and are continuing their search for the missing individuals.

In other news, the sushi chain “Hama Sushi” has announced that one of their stores in Fukushima Prefecture provided expired food to customers.

The Minister of Justice, Saito, has criticized the release of edited footage showing the deteriorating health of a female Sri Lankan detainee who died in an immigration facility.

Finally, a simulation conducted by Nagasaki University has shown that even in a limited scenario, if a nuclear weapon were to be used in Northeast Asia, 25% of the population in the affected area would die within a few months. The study emphasizes the need to reconsider the framework of security that relies on nuclear deterrence.

That’s all for today’s Japan Daily News. Stay safe and see you next time.