Japan Daily News - 2023-04-11


Welcome to the Japan Daily News for April 11th, 2023. Here are today’s headlines:

Former lawmaker Garsei, who is wanted for allegedly repeatedly threatening celebrities on a video-sharing site, is believed to be staying in the UAE. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is coordinating with local authorities in the UAE to send investigators.

Nineteen Japanese nationals suspected of being involved in a fraud group based in Cambodia will be transported to Japan to face arrest. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department will continue its investigation into the group.

The Chinese navy’s information-gathering vessel sailed through Japan’s contiguous zone off the Izu Islands on April 10th. The Japanese Ministry of Defense is closely monitoring the vessel’s movements.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces have expanded their search area in the ongoing search for a missing helicopter that went down off Miyako Island in Okinawa prefecture.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has confirmed that the volcanic eruption on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula will not affect Japan with a tsunami.

A new elementary school has opened in Oda, Shimane prefecture, following the integration of two schools due to declining enrollment. The students expressed their excitement at having twice the learning space.

The Japanese government has informed economic organizations that it plans to start job interviews for highly specialized personnel three months earlier than before, starting in two years.

The new head of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office’s Special Investigation Department, Fumiki Ito, has pledged to investigate and uncover crimes that are unfair or unjust.

The first-ever “Manga Department” in a public high school in Japan has opened in Kumamoto Prefecture’s Takamori-cho. The 40 students in attendance were congratulated by professional manga artists and publishing company executives.

The operation company of airport facilities has established an independent verification committee to investigate the process of appointing a former Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism official as vice president. The official had requested the appointment during a board meeting.

That’s it for today’s Japan Daily News. Join us again tomorrow for more news updates.