Japan Daily News - 2023-04-18


Welcome to Japan Daily News for April 18, 2023. Let’s take a look at today’s headlines.

A research group from Keio University has announced that the coronavirus can easily infect a type of nerve cell that plays a role in the immune system in the brain. The group hopes this discovery will lead to a better understanding of the neurological abnormalities and after-effects that occur after infection.

In the helicopter accident involving the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in the waters near Miyako Island, two more members were recovered from the sea on the 17th. The Self-Defense Force continues to search for the remaining missing member.

During an election campaign visit to a fishing port in Wakayama City, an explosive was thrown at Prime Minister Kishida, causing a dent in a wall about 40 meters away. Police found a cylindrical object nearby, and are investigating whether the explosive hit the wall directly.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has decided to provide a one-time payment to the families of 12 men and women who died after receiving the coronavirus vaccine, stating that it cannot deny the possibility that the vaccinations were the cause of death.

The Defense Ministry announced that a Chinese naval intelligence-gathering vessel sailed around the Japanese archipelago since late March. The vessel was spotted off the coast of Kagoshima Prefecture on the 16th, and the ministry continues to be on alert and monitor its movements.

The Defense Ministry is also monitoring the movements of the Chinese aircraft carrier “Shandong” in the southern Pacific Ocean. The ministry confirmed that there were approximately 330 takeoffs and landings of fighter jets on the carrier on the 16th.

In other news, the operation of the Sanyo Shinkansen was suspended due to a personal injury accident at Himeji Station in Hyogo Prefecture. The line resumed operation on the evening of the 17th, but the Tokaido Shinkansen is still experiencing delays due to the incident.

Finally, the city of Machida in Tokyo announced that it accidentally sent the personal information of approximately 1,900 nursery school children to a nursery school outside the city via email. The city is investigating the cause of the mistake and taking measures to prevent future incidents.

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