Japan Daily News - 2023-04-19


Welcome to Japan Daily News on April 19th. Let’s start with some headlines from today’s news.

The Cabinet Office has cancelled the use of posters for the prevention of sexual violence among young people due to similarities with other works and inappropriate production processes by a contractor.

In the case of the explosion at a fishing port in Wakayama City, the suspect who threw the explosive at Prime Minister Kishida had filed a lawsuit against the government over dissatisfaction with the electoral system. The police are investigating whether dissatisfaction with the electoral system was the motive for the attack.

In the helicopter accident involving the Ground Self-Defense Force in Miyakojima, Okinawa, one more person, believed to be a member of the team, was found dead, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to six.

The police will introduce AI to automatically extract dangerous information as “harmful information” in cyber patrols to strengthen the search for information on the manufacture of explosives.

In Fukui Prefecture, a traditional craftsman’s knife workshop and residence were completely burned down, and two people were found dead in the ruins. The police are investigating the cause of the fire and confirming the identities of the deceased.

In Aichi Prefecture, the eldest daughter of a couple living in Tokoname City was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body of a newborn baby found wrapped in a towel in the yard of their home.

The Government’s Legislative Council Subcommittee has agreed to conduct concrete discussions on revising the current custody system and introducing “joint custody” for both parents in the event of divorce.

Finally, in preparation for the traditional “Nagaragawa Ukai” next month, a health check-up was conducted on the cormorants in Gifu City.

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