Japan Daily News - 2023-04-20


Welcome to Japan Daily News on April 20, 2023. Here are today’s headlines:

In Shimane, one of the leading grape-producing regions in Japan, the shipping of Delaware grapes has begun.

During the recent incident where an explosive device was thrown near Prime Minister Kishida’s location in Wakayama, multiple metal nuts were found in the area, which police believe were intended to increase the power of the explosion.

A Tokyo Fire Department firefighter in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of possessing dried marijuana in his dormitory in Koto Ward.

A man in his 70s in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, was deceived out of approximately 53 million yen by men posing as employees of a telecommunications company, and the police are investigating the incident as a special fraud case.

With temperatures expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius in places like Matsumoto, Nagano, and summer-like weather predicted in various regions, people are advised to be wary of heatstroke.

The annual “sudare release,” where snowmelt water is released all at once, has begun at the Naruko Dam in Oshika City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Some election management committees have created entrance tickets with designs that accommodate a variety of color perceptions and cards that clearly explain the voting process to make voting easier for everyone.

During a meeting of the expert panel advising the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on measures against the novel coronavirus, it was analyzed that the number of new infections is gradually increasing nationwide, and there is a possibility that the infection may spread after the Golden Week holiday in May, which is larger than the eighth wave. The expert panel also compiled a document stating that there is a possibility of a “ninth wave” that exceeds the scale of the eighth wave.