Japan Daily News - 2023-04-24


Welcome to Japan Daily News for April 24th, 2023. Here are today’s headlines:

In preparation for the evacuation of Japanese citizens in Sudan, three transport planes from the Air Self-Defense Force have been dispatched to neighboring Djibouti. The dispatched unit is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others to advance plans to evacuate Japanese citizens using the Self-Defense Force’s transport planes.

The Child and Family Agency has decided to allow the acceptance of children over the age of three in the “Small-scale Childcare Business,” which mainly provides childcare for children up to the age of two. This decision was made in response to concerns that it would be a burden for children to move to a new nursery when they turn three.

A third-grade elementary school girl riding a bicycle was hit by a truck and killed at an intersection in Sagamihara City. The police have arrested the truck driver and are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.

Two elementary school children were hit by a car while crossing a pedestrian crossing at an intersection in Hakui City, Ishikawa Prefecture. One of them is in critical condition and unconscious.

On the first anniversary of the tourist boat accident off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, a memorial service was held in Utoro, Shari-cho, attended by the families of the victims. The tourism industry renewed its pledge to safety, and the families offered prayers for the victims.

Three transport planes from the Air Self-Defense Force, dispatched in preparation for the evacuation of Japanese citizens in Sudan, have arrived in Djibouti. According to sources, it is being considered to move the resident Japanese from the capital Khartoum to another city by land and then evacuate them by Self-Defense Force transport plane.

A five-year-old boy died after being found submerged in a pool at a fitness club in Takao City, Toyama Prefecture. According to the club’s operating company, the boy’s floating device was found detached from his waist when he was discovered, and the police are investigating whether there were any problems with safety management and guidance.

A man from Tokachi, Hokkaido, whose two family members are still missing since the tourist boat accident off the Shiretoko Peninsula, visited the Utoro area for the first time in about a year and said, “Time has stopped since the accident, and I don’t feel like a year has passed.”

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