Japan Daily News - 2023-05-07


Welcome to Japan Daily News on May 7, 2023. In Ishikawa Prefecture, where seismic activity has been active, there has been heavy rain since the evening of the 6th, and there are areas where evacuation orders have been issued in the city of Suzu, where a strong tremor of magnitude 6 was observed. Although the peak of the rain has passed, there is a risk that the ground may loosen in areas where the tremors were strong, and the Meteorological Agency is calling for caution against sediment disasters. Another news story related to the weather is that from the 8th, there is a risk of heavy rain in the Pacific side from Kanto to Kyushu, and caution is necessary for flooding and sediment disasters, especially for those living in low-lying areas.

Moving on to crime news, there has been an increase of about 30% in the number of special fraud cases, such as fictitious billing fraud targeting the elderly, in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year. The National Police Agency is calling for caution.

In the field of accidents, a woman in her 40s who went climbing on “Sasagadake” in the Southern Alps on the 6th slipped and fell, and the man who was with her reported the incident. However, he has also lost contact, and the police will begin a search from the morning of the 7th.

On the royal front, Crown Prince Akishino and his wife attended the coronation ceremony of King Charles in Westminster Abbey in London on the night of the 6th. After the ceremony, Crown Prince Akishino commented that it was a very solemn and joyful occasion.

Finally, a private think tank conducted a survey and found that only about 20% of people have taken some kind of measures against disasters such as earthquakes, despite this year marking the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake. However, 60% of respondents expressed interest in disaster prevention, and the think tank points out that it is important to encourage those who are interested to take action and to provide specific measures tailored to each individual. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to Japan Daily News.