Japan Daily News - 2023-05-08


Welcome to Japan Daily News on May 8th. The first news story is about NEXCO, the highway company. NEXCO East, Central, and West Japan have announced plans to significantly increase the number of EV rapid charging stations for electric vehicles over the next three years.

In Osaka, due to heavy rain, the Awaji River Dam in Ibaraki City has started emergency water discharge. Residents in the downstream areas of Ibaraki City, Suita City, Settsu City, Takatsuki City, and Osaka City are being urged to exercise caution.

Western Japan, including Kinki and Chugoku regions, experienced heavy rain due to the influence of a front and a low-pressure system. Some areas in eastern Japan are also at risk of landslides and river flooding, so caution is necessary.

In Nagano, Okaya City has issued evacuation orders to 25 households and 71 people in the Kawagishi Higashi district due to the increased risk of landslides caused by heavy rain.

In Gifu, the Hida River had exceeded the flood danger level in the Kamigoro observation station in Gero City, but it fell below the level at 5:50 am. However, in Nakatsugawa City, due to the Kiso River exceeding the flood danger level, evacuation orders were given to 517 households and 1,267 people in the Sakashita and Yamaguchi districts.

The Kiso River in Kamimatsu Town, Nagano Prefecture, had exceeded the flood danger level at the Momoyama Water Level Observation Station, but it fell below the level at around 5:30 am.

Finally, in Suruga City, Shizuoka Prefecture, due to the risk of landslides caused by heavy rain, evacuation orders have been issued to 135 households and 342 people in the Suyama District, also known as Suyama 2nd District. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to Japan Daily News.