Japan Daily News - 2023-09-07


Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on September 7th, 2023. In today’s news, a typhoon is expected to approach Japan, while Brazil is experiencing widespread flooding due to a cyclone. The typhoon, named Typhoon 13, is developing in the southern part of Japan and is projected to move north-northeast, potentially approaching eastern and northern Japan on the 9th of September. The Izu Islands in Tokyo are at risk of a significant increase in the danger level due to the formation of a ‘linear precipitation band,’ where rain clouds develop and line up one after another. Please be cautious of landslides, flooding in low-lying areas, and rising river levels.

In Brazil, heavy rainfall caused by a cyclone has resulted in massive flooding in various parts of the southern region. So far, 32 people have been confirmed dead, and there are concerns about further damage. Our thoughts are with the affected communities as they deal with this devastating situation.

Moving on to other news, the final report on the Shiretoko sightseeing boat accident off the coast of Hokkaido has been released by the national transport safety commission. The report highlights the lack of a proper safety management system within the company, stating that the hatch covers on the deck of the boat were not securely closed, allowing seawater to enter the vessel. It also points out that the company had an inexperienced president serving as the safety manager, indicating a lack of safety management structure. This tragic incident has claimed the lives of 20 people, with 6 individuals still missing.

In global news, the European Union’s meteorological information agency and the World Meteorological Organization have announced that the average global temperature from June to August this year was the highest since records began in 1940, reaching 16.77 degrees Celsius. July recorded the highest average temperature at 16.95 degrees Celsius, followed closely by August. These temperatures surpass the previous record set in July 2019. Additionally, the average sea surface temperature in August reached a new high of 20.98 degrees Celsius. These extreme conditions are a clear result of global warming, and the impact on both humans and the planet is evident.

Turning our attention to domestic affairs, Member of the House of Representatives, Mari Akimoto, has been requested to appear before the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Office by the special investigation department. Akimoto is suspected of receiving substantial financial support in exchange for asking favorable questions in parliament regarding a wind power company’s entry into offshore wind power generation. The investigation is expected to intensify with a focus on bribery charges.

Next, we have news from the entertainment industry. Following the release of the investigative report by an external team confirming that the former president of Johnny’s Talent Agency had engaged in long-term sexual misconduct with numerous underage individuals, the agency will hold its first press conference on this matter later today. The attendees and details of the conference have not been disclosed. It is anticipated that the agency will address whether they acknowledge the sexual misconduct, present concrete measures for supporting the victims, and outline the future management structure, including the position of President Julie Fujishima.

Lastly, we have an update on the ongoing issue of disrupted meal services in schools and dormitories across the country. The president of Houyu, a company in Hiroshima that provides meals, revealed in an interview that nearly half of the approximately 150 facilities nationwide are unable to continue their services. The company cites difficulties in implementing price adjustments for ingredients and labor costs as a reason for the financial strain. As a result, they have filed for bankruptcy proceedings. This situation has disrupted the daily lives of many students and residents who rely on these meal services.

That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for listening to Japan Daily News. Stay informed and stay safe. And now for the weather. Today in Tokyo, there will be patchy rain possible with a maximum temperature of 27°C and a minimum temperature of 24°C. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to Japan Daily News.