Japan Daily News - 2023-09-20


Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on September 20th, 2023. In our first news story, a meeting was held to discuss the establishment of the Volcano Research Headquarters, which is set to be established in April next year to strengthen volcanic measures. The meeting focused on methods for predicting long-term volcanic activity and the necessary observation system. Concrete discussions will be carried out in the spring of next year.

Moving on to our next story, the autumn salmon fixed net fishing in Mashike Town, Hokkaido, is currently in its peak season. However, compared to last year’s record-breaking catch, this year’s catch has been lower than expected.

Now let’s shift our attention to a unique octopus catching method in Goto, Nagasaki. In this coastal area, fishermen spray salt on small octopuses to catch them. This unconventional method has been gaining attention.

Next, we have news from Tokyo. A construction site near Yaesu in Tokyo saw a tragic accident on the 19th. A crane carrying steel beams collapsed, resulting in the death of two workers and injuries to three others. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police will conduct an investigation to determine if there was any negligence in safety management.

In COVID-19 related news, starting from today, the vaccination campaign for the Omicron variant will begin for all age groups, including infants older than 6 months. The vaccine used will be specifically designed to combat the Omicron variant, and the administration will be free of charge.

Shifting our focus to the real estate market, there have been surprising increases in land prices in mountainous villages and remote islands. The annual prefectural land price survey has revealed that residential areas in rural regions have turned positive for the first time in 31 years. By visualizing the data of over 20,000 locations on a map, we can observe the changes in property values at a glance, uncovering unprecedented shifts in various regions.

Lastly, we have news from the entertainment industry. In light of the sexual misconduct allegations involving Johnny Kitagawa, the management of Johnny’s Jimusho held a board meeting on the 19th to discuss future operational directions, including a potential name change. The progress and decisions made during the meeting will be announced on October 2nd.

That’s all for today’s news. Stay tuned for more updates from Japan Daily News. And now for the weather. Today in Tokyo, the weather will be partly cloudy with a maximum temperature of 28°C. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to Japan Daily News.