Japan Daily News - 2023-10-06

Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on October 6th, 2023. In tragic news, an elderly couple has died in a house fire in the city of Hitachiota, Ibaraki Prefecture. The fire completely engulfed their home, and one person has been found dead. The authorities are currently investigating the incident and trying to determine if there are any other victims. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends affected by this devastating event.

Moving on to weather news, northern Japan is experiencing strong winds and unstable atmospheric conditions due to the influence of a developing low-pressure system. The winds are reaching typhoon-level strength, and the sea is becoming rough. The Meteorological Agency has issued warnings for strong winds, high waves, and potential landslides. Please exercise caution and stay safe in these challenging weather conditions.

In a heartwarming story, classmates of Megumi Yokota, who was abducted by North Korea 46 years ago when she was in the first year of junior high school, gathered at her former school in Niigata City to celebrate her 59th birthday. They came together to sing a song from their school days, expressing their hope for a reunion with Megumi. This reunion serves as a reminder of the ongoing issue of abductions by North Korea and the long-lasting impact it has on the families involved.

The Child and Family Agency has announced that it will resume the distribution of discounted babysitting vouchers. The distribution had been temporarily suspended due to reaching the planned limit for this fiscal year. However, it has been discovered that nearly half of the vouchers have not been used. In light of this, the agency has decided to resume the distribution to encourage more parents to take advantage of this support.

In response to the sexual misconduct allegations involving Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of Johnny & Associates, the agency has removed all signage with the company’s name from its building in Tokyo. This comes after the announcement of the company’s name change. The removal of the signage signifies the agency’s commitment to addressing the issue and moving forward.

Continuing with the weather, heavy rainfall is affecting Hokkaido and other parts of northern Japan, as the unstable atmospheric conditions persist. Strong winds are also expected in the evening of the 5th, reaching typhoon-level intensity. The authorities are advising people to stay away from windows and seek shelter in safe locations during this period.

Lastly, a search and rescue operation is underway in Lake Biwa, Otsu, as a yacht carrying two individuals capsized on the afternoon of the 5th. Unfortunately, a man in his 60s is currently missing. The police temporarily suspended the search but will resume it on the morning of the 6th. Our thoughts are with the missing man and his loved ones, and we hope for a successful rescue operation.

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