Japan Daily News - 2023-10-10

Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on October 10th, 2023. In today’s news, the Izu Islands and Kanto-Koshinetsu regions are experiencing rainfall due to the influence of a front and low-pressure system. The Izu Islands are particularly at risk of intense rainfall, prompting the Meteorological Agency to urge caution against landslides and other disasters.

Moving on to international news, it has been two days since the earthquake struck Afghanistan. The interim government, led by the Islamist group Taliban, has reported over 2,000 deaths. They have also stated that almost all houses have collapsed, with some villages completely devastated. Search and rescue operations are ongoing to assist those affected.

Shifting our focus to a legal matter, the Japanese government is finalizing preparations for an appeal in the Minamata disease lawsuit. The Osaka District Court recently ruled in favor of 128 plaintiffs from the Kansai region, who were not officially recognized as Minamata disease victims and were therefore not eligible for compensation. The government is dissatisfied with the court’s decision and is making arrangements for the appeal.

Turning to transportation news, a chemical incident occurred on the Tohoku Shinkansen train near Sendai Station. Six passengers, including the individual responsible for the leak, were transported to the hospital due to burns caused by the leaked substance. The police are investigating whether there were any issues with the handling and transportation of the chemical, which was contained in a bottle-like container.

Tragically, a residential fire broke out in Yurihonjo, Akita, claiming the lives of three individuals. The fire engulfed a house and an adjacent building, where the bodies were discovered. Authorities are working to identify the victims, as three out of the five residents remain unaccounted for.

In other news, an earthquake off the coast of Torishima in the Izu Islands generated a tsunami on the morning of the 9th. Despite being a relatively small-scale earthquake, experts have noted that the occurrence of a tsunami in this situation may indicate a phenomenon different from usual seismic activity.

Lastly, in relation to the ongoing issue surrounding Johnny Kitagawa, a male individual has come forward with allegations of sexual assault that occurred multiple times within NHK premises in Shibuya, Tokyo approximately 20 years ago. NHK has acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations and stated their commitment to ensuring the safety and human rights of their performers through further measures.

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