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Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on November 16th, 2023. Today, we have two significant news stories from Japan.

First, due to the influence of a low-pressure system accompanied by a front, heavy rain is expected in the Kinki, Kanto, and Tohoku regions, causing unstable and stormy weather during commuting and school hours. The Japan Meteorological Agency is urging caution against strong winds, high waves, landslides, flooding in low-lying areas, and rising river levels.

In other news, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office conducted simultaneous searches of the local office of former Justice Vice-Minister Mitsuto Kakizawa, as well as the homes of his secretary and a member of the district council. This is related to a violation of the Public Offices Election Act in connection with the Tokyo Koto Ward mayoral election held in April this year. The special investigation department is also voluntarily questioning Kakizawa’s secretary to further clarify the details of the election campaign.

These are the two major news stories for today. Stay tuned for more updates from Japan Daily News. And now for the weather. Today in Tokyo, the weather will be mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain. The temperature will range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. Visit JapanDailyNews.com for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.