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Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on November 30th, 2023. In today’s news, we have two significant stories coming out of Japan.

First, despite the growing demand for international flights after the COVID-19 pandemic, Narita Airport is facing a severe shortage of ground handling staff, affecting the acceptance of new flights and increased flight schedules. It has been revealed that only two-thirds of the requested new flights and increased schedules can be accommodated within this fiscal year.

Moving on to our second story, a tragic incident occurred as a US Air Force transport aircraft, the Osprey, crashed off the coast of Yakushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. So far, wreckage believed to be from the aircraft has been found in the nearby waters, and the death of one male passenger has been confirmed. The authorities, including the Japan Coast Guard, are continuing their search and rescue operations for the remaining five passengers.

In other news, Kyushu Electric Power announced that approximately 2.9 million customer records were accessible to its subsidiary for over a year and a half until October. However, there have been no reports of information leakage to entities outside of the subsidiary at this time.

The train service on the Keio Line, which had been suspended between Takahatafudo and Keio Hachioji stations, as well as between Kitano and Takaosanguchi stations, due to a point failure at Kitano Station, has now resumed. The disruption lasted until 6:38 AM, but normal operations have since resumed.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the release of ChatGPT, a language generation AI that can provide natural-sounding responses to questions. While its usage has rapidly expanded in various industries and educational settings worldwide, concerns about the impact on human employment and the spread of misinformation remain significant challenges.

Lastly, the Keio Line is currently experiencing a suspension of service between Takahatafudo and Keio Hachioji stations, as well as between Kitano and Takaosanguchi stations, in both directions. The suspension began at the start of service and is expected to continue until around 7 AM due to a point failure at Kitano Station.

That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for listening to Japan Daily News. Stay tuned for more updates. And now for the weather. Today in Tokyo, the weather will be mostly sunny with a high of 15°C and a low of 9°C. Visit JapanDailyNews.com for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.