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Hello and welcome to today’s news from Japan Daily News on January 11th, 2024. In the aftermath of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, the affected areas are experiencing freezing temperatures with the morning lows dropping below freezing. Residents are advised to be cautious of hypothermia and check on their family and neighbors for any signs of illness. It is recommended to take measures such as regular physical activity to stay warm.

The earthquake has also caused significant damage to the roads, leading to disruptions in traffic. As of 5 am today, there are sections where general vehicles cannot pass. Please stay updated on the latest information regarding road conditions and the impact on transportation services.

The Noto region in Ishikawa Prefecture continues to face challenges in its lifeline services due to the earthquake. Approximately 13,500 households are still experiencing power outages and other issues with their water supply. Authorities are working to restore these services, and updates will be provided as the situation progresses.

In other news, the Japanese government is planning to establish guidelines for support programs, including identity verification, for elderly individuals without a guardian. The aim is to promote the development of proper service providers and address the issues concerning elderly individuals without family support.

Meanwhile, the Toei Mita Line is facing disruptions in its operations. Due to a power transmission problem at a depot in Itabashi Ward, trains are unable to leave the depot, resulting in the suspension of services from the first train onwards. However, trains operated by Tokyu Corporation are still running. Alternative transportation arrangements are being made while the power transmission issue is being resolved.

A recent survey conducted by a group of obstetricians revealed a significant increase in the number of pregnant women infected with syphilis. The survey found that in the past year, over 370 pregnant women were diagnosed with syphilis, which is more than three times the number reported eight years ago. Experts emphasize the importance of early treatment for syphilis and encourage pregnant women to consult with their gynecologists if they have any concerns.

Experts who have been involved in supporting the earthquake victims have raised concerns about the living conditions in evacuation centers. They point out that the current living environment in these centers poses a high risk of health issues. To prevent disaster-related deaths caused by the living conditions in evacuation centers, it is crucial to improve the living and sanitation conditions as soon as possible. And now for the weather. Today in Tokyo, the weather will be partly cloudy with a maximum temperature of 8°C and a minimum temperature of 5°C. There is a 9% chance of sunshine and a 0% chance of rain. The wind speed will be around 21 km/h. Visit JapanDailyNews.com for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.